Pulsatile Tinnitus Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement but it can also be painful especially if you are experiencing pulsatile tinnitus, an annoying hum or pulsating sound that is synchronized with the heart beat. This condition may be due to hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Actually, it is a common occurrence among expectant mothers.

Nearly twenty-five percent of women experience tinnitus during pregnancy. At this time, the body undergoes significant changes both hormonally and physically which can lead to the beginning of tinnitus. As the increased blood flow moves through the jugular vein, it traverses the middle ear and can be heard. Although it is not an uncommon occurrence during pregnancy, it appears to exacerbate at this time. In most cases, the tinnitus will stop a short time after the arrival of the baby and represents no underlying pathology.

Taking any form of medication, vitamins, or supplements to relieve the symptoms should be avoided unless prescribed by your doctor due to the possible adverse effects on the developing baby. Because your unborn baby’s health and safety is the primary concern, it is important before proceeding with any alternate treatment plan to have a lengthy discussion with your doctor so that you have a clear understanding of all aspects of your condition. Hopefully, his recommendations will lessen its severity and help you to cope with tinnitus during your pregnancy. Knowing that this condition is usually temporary is helpful in dealing with its discomfort.